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May You Live in Interesting Times
Festival of Creative Technology, Cardiff

22 - 24 October 2009

Welcome to the May You Live in Interesting Times website. This three-day Festival is all about ‘do-it-yourself’ with a programme that celebrates the latest intriguing uses of everyday technology and social innovation, enabled through shared ideas.

There’s a fantastic range of commissions, exhibitions, a tinker faire, discussions, workshops, screenings and participant-driven events. You can download a PDF by clicking on the 'Timetable'. Highlights include:

Alfred Sirleaf: an analogue blogger from Liberia; Eddo Stern; Ghana Think Tank; the first Micro Maker Faire Wales; The People Speak; an unConference, and You May Fund commissions from artists based in Wales, including Switchboard Mobile Radio Station.

To keep up-to-date with the latest programme details, you can sign up to the Festival elist, and keep track of the latest news through our Facebook, Twitter and Switchboard pages by clicking on the icons on the right of this page.

Festival Contacts
For all general enquiries please contact
Lauren Jury, Festival Coordinator
Chapter, Market Road, Cardiff CF5 1QE, UK

Festival Directors
Hannah Firth
Chapter, Market Road, Cardiff CF5 1QE, UK

Emma Posey
bloc : Creative Technology Wales, The Cross, Gladestry, Powys HR5 3NX, UK

To find out more about bloc or Chapter please follow the links below:

Bloc and Chapter logos

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